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Congratulations to young Hugo for his cracker 2kg Coral Trout in Gustav creek on a pink Halco Diver. Hugo was very excited and brought the live Coral Trout still attached to the lure straight to the shop. That is a stunning fish in Gustav Creek. Javier followed that up with a good-sized squid.

Congratulations also to Dave on his surprise 6kg Grey Mackerel off the Jetty at Picnic Bay. The unlucky Mack took a red white Tilson after Dave had finished reeling and was about to pull the lure out of the water. It must have been on the other side of the pylons and seen the lure. After fighting the fish, then dragging it all the way down the shore to secure it, Dave reckons he earned it.

Remember to leave the Barra alone these holidays. Dozens are schooling up around the island in different locations and are easy to target, but they are in closed season and not to be touched. If you accidentally catch one release immediately.

I will be back at work next week following my surgery, which all went well. Thanks to all for your positive comments. I am looking forward to powering through next year, with some big changes coming at FNF, so watch this space.

Crocodile anyone? 2 young anglers chucking lures in the creek at Horseshoe Bay got more than they bargained for when the hooked the resident baby croc. After hauling the Croc to shore the feisty reptile decided captivity was not ideal and gave a flick of his tail and powered back into the tiny creek. All on video the boys headed back home to tell the story to the family.

What ever happened to the Turtle Hospital? I went past it last week and its in a pretty sad state, did funds run out or did all Turtles get suddenly healthy? Drop in and let me know my readers are also my info network.

Friday saw a suspected Irukandji sting inside the Horseshoe Bay stinger nets. In addition, there have been several small box jelly fish around so wear those sexy stinger suits.

Plenty of flak over the relocatable house that was recently landed on West Point beach. One of the complaints was about cutting off some branches along Westpoint Road to get the second part or the house through WestPoint Road. Think the residents deserve reasonable and safe access roads. Also, I and many other companies have hire cars and all the sides are scratched on them due to dead growth near the sides of that road. Maybe this very important access road needs a little more regular maintenance. Has Council put a vehicle meter across the road? Id love to see the results.

Having had the kids up for early Christmas I had the opportunity to do what my son Mitchell and I like most. 4 Days exploring, fishing and photographing. We found monster Tarpon in Horseshoe Bay, as well as the equally aerobatic Queenies in shallow clear waters. These species are holding a line north of the boat ramp where they are staying close to very small pilchard bait. The action was fast and furious. The only disappointing location was Young Bay where the Barra were so thick in the clear waters that we had to move to a new location. Murphy’s Law, the Barra are always hungry when you are not allowed to catch them.


Magnetic Island has a variety of unique fishing areas available for all weather   conditions. Whether you want to do relaxing fishing with the kids or get more serious and toss lures for big pelagic species, the options are all there for you. look around then drop into FNF for all the latest fishing Goss.  All the latest location advice is listed below. Magnetic Island is 360 degrees of fishing paradise, with a location for all weather conditions.

Picnic Bay Area Yellow Zone (1 Rod per person.)

The serene Picnic Bay Jetty is a favorited for family fishing, close to amenities, food, and the friendly local pub. It is very safe for kids and prams. Midway down the heritage listed jetty you will find coral bommies and many seaweed covered rocks providing protection for smaller fish and squid.  This area provides excellent fun for young children to catch and release juvenile Grassy Sweetlips, Red throat Emperor, small Coral Trout, many varieties of Cod and Yellow Stripey’s as well as stacks other reef species. Squid hang around the seagrass and will strike at small 2.5cm-3cm squid jigs. All the pylons provide protection for many species and schools of Hardy-heads, Pike, Herring, Yakka and anchovies take shelter as well. These bait schools attract big GT’s Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Mackerel as well as the hard-hitting Cobia. In addition, Remora, Blue Catfish and Reef sharks hang around in murkier waters caused when the winds are strong.

The best bait is small squid, for reef species, Squid is tasty to all fish and holds onto hooks very well. Use Paternoster rig. Also popular is small prawns and strip Garfish. Run the strip Gar without weight in the currents near the pylons. Lure with small Berkeley Gulps, (green is a good colour, especially for GT’s.) For hardbody lures, use small RMG deep divers, small Razorback squid jigs and small metal 5-10-gram jigs. Mack spoons and twisty slices are also superb with enticing actions that attract cruising aggressive predators.

LIVE BAIT– When bait schools are residing under the jetty, they can be caught on a $3 6 hook jig rig or by cast net. Live bait is excellent for catching large pelagic species which periodically stalk the jetty area. These include Trevally, Mackerel, Barracuda, Catfish, Cobia, Queenfish as well as Coral Trout, Cods, Emperor, stingrays and multitudes of shark species including Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks.

The jetty has sun cover at the end, a wash station part way down is great for spotting Turtles, Dugongs, Eagles, Kites, and the resident Osprey. Watching the sun set over the mainland is spectacular while dangling a line.

The rocks at the northern end of Picnic Bay just past the swimming area afford Pelagic action and is one of our most neglected fishing spots. Around the corner to the north is the tiny Bacon Bay and picturesque and serene Cockle Bay, which marks the commencement of the Mangroves and Mudflats. This area can get you big Bar tail Flathead, Grunter, (Javelin) Blue Catfish, Finger-mark, Parrot Fish, Queenies, Golden Trevally and Mangrove Jack.

Bait-Use big Endeavour prawns, peeled, sandworms, pippies, and floated pillie on gang.

Lures Zman and chasebait soft plastics, in white, gold black, and pearl/ Glow Also Halco Twisties and small RMG lures in gold/ green

At the southern end of Picnic Bay is a shipwreck and shallow rubble strewn waters, attracting Trevally, Flathead, Grunter and Summer Whiting. Fish with small lures, soft plastics, or small prawns. For the Summer Whiting fish with peeled small prawns, worms, or Gulp soft plastics. Soft Plastics are my go to in this area 1/0 Jig and the amazing squid vicious Gulp.

Cockle Bay.

Cockle Bay is a favourite for Fly Anglers. At low tide the water recedes over 500m. On the run in Trevally, Flathead, Jacks and many other species race to be the first back into to the safety of mangroves. This is the start of the Magnetic island juvenile prawn area, from Cockle Bay through to West Point. Fish the incoming tide or walk out to the coffin pool when the tide is .8m or below to fish the water hole for all sorts of local species, including Cods, Flathead and Golden Trevally. If you have boots and waders walking out and tossing soft plastics and chromies. Be aware of Stonefish and stingers at this time of year, plus stingrays are abundant. On the high tide the waters can be fished with prawns, strip Gar, live mullet and Gar to target Flathead, Jacks, Grunter and Trevally.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty, Oh and Merry Christmas

Cheers Dale

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