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Holidays are starting to wind down, still no rain to speak of. Last year we were complaining about the same thing about now as well, and then things changed very fast, from January 25. This year lets hope all the rain is distributed where its most needed, but in manageable amounts. This week should see the monsoon build a little. History shows moderation is not Australia’s style.

How tinny is this? In early December I misplaced my wallet. It had all my cards and a couple of hundred bucks in it. With everything that was going on I didn’t worry too much. After 4 weeks and a complete search of the house I finally rang QCCU to start cancelling everything. After I that first call and cancelled the first 4 cards, I got an SMS from Jo at work, my wallet was found in the glove box of a hire car, cash intact. It had travelled for all those Christmas hires without being found until the last hire people. How good are my car cleaners?

While I talked about the health and issues with our Koalas last week there are a couple of things I would like to clarify. We are still a tourist island and many of us rely indirectly or directly on tourism. One of the biggest draws is…. yep Koalas. The trick is to manage the whole thing, that’s not an easy task. What we don’t need is people trying to take matters into their own hands and we don’t need tourists and tour operators being treated badly. Education and management are the key. We also need a coordinated plan. More on this. Oh, and we don’t give Koalas chlamydia and our island Koalas are free of it. On the mainland if one pees on you that has it, there is an outside chance you can get the C strain, don’t look up with your mouth open.

The little Croc from Horseshoe Bay has been caught and relocated to Bungalow Bay. A local, previously from the territory had no troubles catching the wily retile who had kept previously avoiding attempts at capture. Last I heard Parks were investigating but guys let some common sense prevail. Situation resolved…. Or is it. There was this much larger tail seen by the same guy same day. Is it the croc from the lagoon during the wet season?


West Point.

The western most, road accessible fishing location on Maggie is aptly named West Point. This unique location has it all and is a striking place to fish 24/7 although very low tides reduce the choices to the western most rocks, and one sandy point. Generally, this area holds good bait and therefore can be a haven to many hungry pelagic species. For the relaxed angler bring a chair and a cold bevy and watch sunset, when the sun creates magical colours, as it sets over the mainland across the bay. Evening is a fruitful time as big fish feed at last light and an hour or two into the night. Mornings can be tops as the nervous bait schools hug close to the shore while the big predators get active looking for a morning feed. Gar, Poddy Mullet, Herring, Yakka’s, small prawns and a myriad of other species fingerlings are all in dense schools across the sands. If you’re cast netting or drag netting for livie’s, watch out for little Happy Moments, (Black Rabbitfish) they tend to sting a bit. Juvenile Queenies are also packing plenty of spiny weaponry to give you pain.

West Point probably has one of the greatest great range of species due to its diverse nature and proximity to clear deep blue water, plus its vast shallow mud flats. Fish in this area include Flathead, Whiting, Salmon, Grunter, Barra, Cobia, sharks, Mackerel, Trevally, Queenies, Parrotfish, Mangrove Jack and Tarpon. In fact, nearly all species available around the island can be found in this area. Westpoint sees regular Tiger Shark visits, plus big Rays, Nurse Sharks and has a large resident Turtle Population.

Lures that work Barra and Jacks love this area. Barra will take a multitude of lures. The best is slow retrieve shallow divers, Black/ Gold, blue, and green are my favourites.  Work the shoals and the beaches. Soft plastics are easy to pop across the top of the structures. Light Jigheads with Chasebaits, Gulp Pearl/ Firetiger/ Blackgold or pink are always winners. As a bonus these also work for Trevally and Flathead. Whiting just love tiny worm plastics on size 6 worm hook. To assist casting add a small sinker up the line.

Young Bay

Young Bay has rubble patches, old jetty remains and shallow mudflats, calm and protected, with many baitfish and prawns holding in shallow, attracting all species of predators. Young Bay is generally calm water, being tucked away from the predominant southerlies. It does pay to bring some Bushman’s, those mongrel Zebra flies and March flies can make you dance, (not in a fun way) plus the midges can nearly carry you away. The species that mainly inhabit this area are Barra, Salmon, Grunter, Trevally and Queenies. Westpoint and Young Bay on clear water is a magic sight fishing location. (see the fish and cast the lure- that’s next level fun.) Prawns dig into the sand and on the high tide inhabit the Mangroves. As the tide drops, many big predator fish await the exodus of small fish and prawns from the safety of the creeks and mangrove roots. Catching prawns in season can get you all species. Live prawns

Fish with live bait, (Mullet and Gar can often be caught with a cast net near the creeks and points and are top level bait.) Grunter (Javelin)love prawns, as do most fish species. Squid are productive bait, as well as whole poddy mullet, mullet strips and thin strips of fish flesh, Pillie’s do tend to get stripped quickly by crabs and bait fish, so are not ideal off the beach.

At the southern end of Young Bay is the start of the long run of mangroves, which run through past Bolger Bay, and then all the way back to Cockle Bay. Prawns can be caught in cast nets and drag nets. Use live if you can bear not to eat them.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty.

Cheers Dale

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