What’s New On The Rock?

Jay was coming back from a delivery to West Point when he saw a father and son high tailing it out of the mangroves near Ned Lee’s Creek. Jay pulled up and enquired if everything was ok. The Dad said, “We heard the loudest noises and splashes just down a bit and decided to get the hell out of Dodge, something really big”. Was it a crab pot raider, shark, Barra or Croc? Who knows? One thing is a cert, those boys won’t be going back in there.

I have a correction to the Cockle Bay dredge material story last week. F.S. assures me the dredge material was used at the beach area and Nelly Bay during the construction of the Marina. The material was pumped to shore, allowed to dry out, then transported. F.S. is also cynical about any Horseshoe Bay Croc stories and rightly so, but mate there is without doubt a small salty resisting capture behind the shops at Horseshoe Bay, being a junior croc, he has so far foiled all capture efforts.

We finally moved to Horseshoe Bay, after living in Picnic Bay, then spending the last 5 years plus in the bustling Metropolis of Nelly Bay. (It is compared to the back blocks of Horseshoe Bay. No traffic really, but acres of Allied Wallabies trying to break into your yard at night, craploads of Cockatoos, gallons of Galahs, bucket loads of bats, it’s a bloody noisy place. Changing over services can be a nightmare. Ergon were easy enough, flick a switch, but Telstra of course are impossible, they really are Australia’s worst company to deal with. We did inherit 2 overprotective Plovers with 4 black headed fuzzball chicks barely a week old. This as you probably all know causes normally shy Plovers to turn into ill-tempered wrathful mega demons, chasing away all threats with a constant aerial Blitzkrieg. Sleep? Not happening, they don’t sleep, so we don’t either. They caused one other disruption, Ergon who couldn’t read the meter and left us a message to call them. During a phone conversation between the Ergon Rep and a bemused Janie, it was mentioned that if they couldn’t do a meter reading there may be a $45 fee charged for every visit. Janie politely explained these were not our pets, far from it they despised us all equally. Fortunately attempt 2 the next day went better with Janie running decoy. Two more weeks and things should settle in the front yard, and we can put away the APC. Telstra one week in is still barely working, 0.8 mbs and .15mbs download, same speed as my old x486 in 1982. Seriously, is that the norm in Horseshoe Bay for ADSL? Also, can anyone give me any information on the old hut on the hill between Horseshoe Bay and Arcadia?

Last Thursday the 24th October, something amazing happened, as it does every year. The inshore Corals of Magnetic Island spawned, all at once, at night, and after the full moon. 2 More events will follow, the spawning of mid shelf and then outer reef after the November and December full moons. This incredible phenomenon where the Corals release their egg and sperm bundles is still not fully understood, but temperatures play an important role. The island corals are always first, is that because our shallow water reaches the right temperature first? The next 2 spawning’s will be closely monitored by Aims and they have an amazing advanced sea simulator where they learn more every day.
The impacts of dredging and Corals is still being understood. If you type 30301/2107350 into google you will find a PDF from Aims about dredging, make up your own mind about the issues we face here from Townsville Ports massive expansion.

Well done Ethan on a cracker Barra at Westpoint Saturday night, on live bait. The hunt for the Barra continues with a month left until the 3 months closure season for breeding. The water temperature has reached 26.5 degrees, Barra love 26-30 degrees and are happiest at 28 degrees. Some good Fingermark 52-60 have been landed of the Horseshoe Bay Boat ramp on livies while anglers hunt for big Barra. No reef fishing with the high winds and Fin Fish closure so you will have to wait till next week for all the reports. There are some big Greys around, more next week.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the world”
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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