What’s New On The Rock

Grey Mackerel season. That’s the 10 days of hard-hitting freezer filling super-fast action as the Grey Mack’s sweep past the island heading north. It usually coincides with the Barra closure, so it’s a bit of a consolation prize to stop us anglers moping too much. This year hasn’t disappointed. I missed only one day, for a $600 afternoon dentist appointment, followed by a Crown Lager through a straw at the Casino. You have to decide which will likely get you thrown out, dribbling beer down your chin or drinking through a straw. (So far, no evictions).  The new Smiles dentist location has TV’s on the ceiling for you to watch now. The only issue is that the dentists head and the swivel lamp are smack between your vision and the TV. Maybe they should have offset the TVs. Also, they only have cooking shows on, doesn’t that create extra saliva for them to suck out??

The cruisiest job I’ve seen lately had to be traffic control at West Point during the day. The odd car that went out there got VIP service, no waiting.

There was a colossal Carpet Python spotted out at the old helipad with head and jaw injuries, I hope it was not deliberately injured. If you see it or any injured wildlife, report to 0427918130

Well after fighting with Telstra for a week (again) I’m convinced that;

  1. They don’t give a crap about us.
  2. The service is dismal, and nobody is rectifying it. They believe all you need is a service, the fact that you can’t actually access anything with it is irrelevant.
  3. The line at back of Horseshoe Bay is so pathetic I might run a piece of string over the hill with 2 cans to improve service.
  4. We shouldn’t be paying top dollar for crap service. Maybe we should get a 50 percent discount for 50 percent performance?

Tis the season for grey mack’s and longtail tuna

I’m pretty sure the ferry captains hate this time of year. 10 plus tinnies ploughing through the water right in Nelly Bay, turning, stopping, lines out. I think they are glad when it is over and the fish head to Rattlesnake Island

Congratulations to Matteo on his stonker Longtail Tuna, his first ever, caught off Nelly Bay on an FNF EXCLUSIVE Qantas lure. (That’s cool too) Matteo landed the fish after an epic battle that these fish are well known for. To explain, on light gear hauling in a Tuna feels like you are trying to pull the plug out of the ocean, so much power in those Tuna bodies.

John T also got a Tuna, although he was more interested in getting Mackerel at the time. Sometimes a 20-minute fight with a tuna can lose you the feeding window to catch your target fish. I had that issue Thursday when a 12kg Golden Trevally smashed my lure off Base. On 15lb gear it took 25 minutes to get it to the boat, I was aware sunset was close and the Greys would be coming on for their short feeding frenzy. Fortunately, it all worked out and we got 6 Greys onboard as well.

Chewy had a hell of a week. The first day I called him to see how he was going fishing in Nelly he was in a leaking boat off Base in weather that was getting worse. He dropped the boat back and came out with me, catching 5 big Greys just on sunset. The next day all keen as mustard he headed out again in his boat and copped the wash from the Barge, which knocked his new Minn Kota electric motor off the Punt into 7.5m of water.  Starting his 3hp outboard he headed back in towards base where he ran out of fuel still 100 m out. During refuelling he turned in time to see his good rod disappearing into the depths. Some days you should just stay home and crack a coldie instead. I took him out for a snorkel at lunchtime but to no avail. If anyone locates a black e-motor and green handled rod while snorkelling, can you please drop off at the shop. Also, he needs some extra fingers to stick in all the holes in the boat.

Several big Spaniards smashed lures of Hawking’s point, 15kg models in some awesome fun

The reef fishing has been as good as it can get. Hungry Reds and Trout are providing spectacular fishing at Brewer Lodestone and out deeper. Ray came back from his trip with big Red Emperor Trout, Nannygai and heaps of other quality fish. They even got Job fish that are arguably the best eating fish in the ocean.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the world”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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