What’s New On The Rock

A slight mishap at work this week when a staff member went one click too far on the ignition whilst trying to turn on accessories to close the electric windows of the car he was washing. The zippy manual SX4 started and took off across the back driveway crashing in under the tray of the hire ute while the distressed employee stood rooted to the spot with shock. An olympic speed record was nearly set by friend Brad Starr who was nearby. Brad sprinted to the car and turned off the ignition. and we all just stood there, staring. All ended well with no injuries.

Almost a sinking on Saturday was a Seadoo jetski which headed out from town to circumnavigate Maggie with 2 on board. Packed with 80l of fuel, the boys didn’t need to find out there was already at least 80 litres af water in the hull and more flooding in. A frantic call to FNF for a new bung and somewhere to land and we got the boys safely onto the beach in the harbour, new bung and off again. They insisted the bung was there when they left…

I heard the old Alma Den resort area will be turned into a private residence with construction due to commence shortly. That is a gold location with incredible views, I’m very jealous. Many would remember the restaurant perched at the resort, with Leah before she had the magnificent Sandbar restaurant at Horseshoe Bay.

There are 3 green turtle nests that have already been laid in the sand along the beach at Nelly Bay, good news for the local turtle population. That means we will have some hatchings in late January. Each nest should have up to 115 eggs so thats going to be a lot of little reptiles running down the beach. Its up us all to protect them. Did you know Green Sea Turtles are named after the layer of green fat under their shells, unique in the Turtle kingdom. It is though that is because of their diet, rich in seaweed and seagrass.

Chewy’s bad luck maritime run continues. After negotiating with Matty for payment of a new boat, a smashing high vis red center console runabout, Chewy and Zoe went for a bit of a run. To make sure the missus was comfy while trolling an awesome fold out bucket chair was purchased. The early section of the trial run was a success, with the chair making life about as comfortable as you can get in a small open top boat. On returning to the harbour I was in my boat and encouraged them to set the chair up again so I could get a pic. After taking the pic the two took off over to the boat ramp to chatt to Matt. As Chewy moved over to the same side of the boat Zoe he managed to unceremoniously flip her and the chair into the drink, legs being the only thing visible for a few seconds before a stunned Zoe popped back up. To make matters worse she was holding Chewys mobile.  So, the marine property losses build, One electric motor, one fishing combo, one mobile phone, plus add one salty cushion chair, and a wet partner.

Congratulations to young Sam who scored himself a Cracker Mangrove Jack on Sunday morning. What a sweet kid, he actually dropped off a fillet for me on Sunday afternoon, which we ate Sunday night, lightly crumbed. Mangrove Jack are one of the best eating fish in the ocean Thanks Sam, you are a legend.

Maggie Madness ran into shark madness on the weekend, fighting the big sharks at the reefs for each fish they tried to get up. The quality of fish was exceptional, big Trout and Reds, just frustrating constantly losing gear to big Noahs.

The bait has moved to the northern end of the island with a corresponding huge rise in the catches of Macs, Tuna and Trevally. Frustrating is the big 20 minute fights on light gear only to find a Mac Tuna on the end of the line. Well done Dave at Westpoint who finally cracked a good haul of Macs after a frustrating wait. This will be the last week of good Greys so get the boats out and head to Liver Point, Westpoint and off 5 Beach bay.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the world”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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